Open source

0 EUR/month
  • Self-host on your infrastructure
  • 6 months delay for security fixes
  • No support


from 49 EUR/month
  • Get your own repo in 3 minutes
  • Automatic security fixes
  • Custom domains
  • Support by email
  • Prices in the FAQ


  • On-premise or hosted by us
  • Immediate security fixes
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Custom requirements
  • Priority support
  • Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

The base price for the hosted plan is EUR 49 per month. It includes up to 10 GB of data transfer and 10,000 requests per month and gives you one admin user for uploading versions. The sliders below let you see the fee for higher numbers.

0 EUR/month

Between zero and a few thousand per user per month. Basic winget commands such as search and install only send a handful of requests. But list and upgrade --all issue around 100. The number of requests you need will largely depend on how often these commands are executed.

Data transfer occurs when winget downloads an application from your repository. For example, suppose you have the following: 40,000 users, each having 8 applications from your repository installed. Every application is updated three times per year and has an installer that is 50 MB in size. Then the monthly data transfer is 40,000 x 8 x 3 / 12 x 50 / 1,000,000 = 4 TB.

By default, we host your private winget repository on the domains and If you want your repository to be reachable under a different domain such as, then the additional monthly fee for this is EUR 50.

Please email us and we'll send you a quote. The yearly fee is in the EUR x,000 range.

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