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The Windows Package Manager lets you deploy applications securely and easily. Our private WinGet repository gives you better control over who receives your software.
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How It Works

Setting up a private WinGet repository is easy:
1 Create a repository

Sign up to get a repository in two minutes or install the open source version. You'll have an admin interface and a private repository URL.

2 Connect your repository

Add your repository's private URL to users' systems. This is as simple as typing winget source add into a Windows command prompt.

3 Deploy

Upload applications to your repository. They can be distributed to users immediately. You can also release updates in this way.

Made For Techies

From developers to system administrators.
Quick and Easy
Create a private WinGet repository in minutes. Upload your packages and start deploying software today.
Your private repository is not accessible to the public. You have full control over where your applications get installed.
Open Source
Get a local WinGet repository by running on your own infrastructure. No internet access required.
Fully Explained
The admin interface explains how to get started. For any questions, just email support. We will be happy to help.

Some Impressions

Here's what looks like in practice:

Get Started in No Time makes it super easy to host private winget repositories. Sign up and use the Windows Package Manager to deploy your applications in minutes.